Android Image Resizer 1.0 Freeware

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Android Image Resizer 1.0 FreewareAndroid Image Resizer is a simple, yet efficient application that addresses Android developers who require a tool that for re-dimensioning an image to standard Android icon sizes. With the aid of this program, you will no longer have to manually resize or draw an icon, because it can generate a custom set of graphics using your preferred image. It is accessible and intuitive, targeting virtually all audiences, on account of its ease of use. The utility does not require installation, as it comes wrapped inside an out-of-the box package. Simply double-click the EXE file and get acquainted with the user interface, which is fairly simple to understand. After you select the image to be processed, you have two main options: a basic mode, which will automatically generate icons for the four standard Android sizes or an advanced mode, where you can set the dimensions yourself (this option was designed for more experienced users). For the latter, you will have to define the width and height for several parameters, such as HDPI, LDPI, MDPI and XHDPI manually, assuming that you have a certain degree of knowledge regarding these generalized image densities. Regardless of the method you choose, the output icons will be saved into a location of your choice, to four different folders, as corresponding to the automatic (for the basic mode) or chosen densities. In conclusion, Android Image Resizer comes across as a reliable program that can spear you the effort of manually resizing pictures to fit Android standards. It is a portable application, therefore it can be placed on a removable drive and launched on any computer, without affecting the registry. Android Image Resizer is a handy and reliable application that can resize local images to fit standard Android icon dimensions. The application features a basic mode, where the resizing process is done according to Android standard and an advanced mode, where you can input custom sizes.

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