Andaired 1.2.1 Demo

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Andaired 1.2.1 Demo

Converts Flash games to Android compatible format

Andaired is a handy and reliable application designed to package Flash games into Android compatible APK files. You can visually create signed certificates, as well as insert a custom XML file and description. The output packages can be published on app stores without additional adjustments.  Requirements: · 512Mb or RAM · 1Ghz CPU · Adobe AIR 3.7 SDK · Java Runtime 1.6.x Limitations: · You can’t generate and set application icons · You can’t generate self-signed certificates · Packages are signed just for testing purposes and you will be unable to upload generated APK files to Google Play What’s New  · Removed option to use a AIR SDK folder from PATH environment variable. · Fixed certificate creation problem where you could open certificate creation · tab without specifying AIR SDK. Also it’s now in seperate window so you don’t · have to close program to load certificate.

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