Amarok 2.8.0 Free

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Amarok 2.8.0 Free

A powerful music player with a stylish interface

Amarok is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to organize and play your music collection in a user-friendly envirornment. Amarok was also built with the purpose of playing audio streams from the Internet. You can listen to radio streams or you can connect remotely to Ampache and browse for media files. Amarok allows you to import your iTunes playlists and to export them to ShoutCast format. Playing audio CDs is also possible in Amarok. Requirements: · KDE · Qt · MySQL What’s New  Features: · Tracks from Recently Played List widget can now directly be added to the playlist. (BR 279263, BR 296090) Before 2.8 Beta: · Ctrl+C copies the currently playing artist & title to the clipboard. (BR 228872) Patch by fleissig fleissig. · Volume fade-out is now also available for pause. · The Files browser now has a Refresh button. (BR 213666) · The active playlist item is animated with a soft glow effect. · Added an audio analyzer visualization applet. · Added a function for resetting the GUI layout back to default state. (BR 300753) · Pressing enter when searching collections now adds found tracks to the playlist and clears the search bar, this is a very convenient way to populate your playlist. · Allow to transcode only certain (different format, playability) tracks when transferring them to a collection; patch by Anmol Ahuja. (BR 312407) · On-Screen-Display fades in/out smoothly. · Added support for .asx playlists; patch by Tatjana Gornak. (BR 170207) · Add Radio GFM radio streams to Cool Strea…

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