AIMP Control Plugin Free

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AIMP Control Plugin Free

A plugin that allows remote control of your AIMP Player

AIMP Control Plugin allows you to remotely control your AIMP Player. Imaging you have computer with good audio system and want to control playback from your notebook, smart phone or whatever else. All you need to do is to launch AIMP player with this plugin and open plugin’s page in your browser! Here are some key features of “AIMP Control Plugin”: · Convenient installer · Web-based interface in Russian and English · Support for all modern desktop browsers · Customization of the appearance of playlists for each user · Navigation on the track · Fast track search · Control playback · Details of the current track · The transition to the current track in the playlist when changing tracks · Compatibility with applications-clients(Aimp Control, AIMP Remote, AIMP Mobile Web Control) to Web Control plugin · Support for bluetooth · Setting track rating in AIMP3 · Track download Requirements: · AIMP What’s New  · Fix album cover issue.

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