Aeon 3.5 Demo

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Aeon 3.5 Demo

A visualization plugin for you audio player that displays a wide range of intricate visuals that you can use to set the mood of your songs

Aeon is a simple to use application created to generate a large number of high-quality visuals that can be viewed on your computer screen or on a projector. The visuals can be used to set a relaxing and meditating tone to the environment, as well as contribute to the ambiance of the room. Requirements: · Media player that supports visuals Limitations: · Using the unregistered version, a registration reminder will be displayed at regular intervals. · Some scenes are unavailable. · Some Active color maps are disabled. · You can not set the menu display duration. · You can not change the menu icon size. What’s New  · Performance and minor aesthetic improvements in select track animations. · Fixed Standalone, Screen Saver, and V-Bar crash on startup. · Updated the customizing documentation.

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