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Advanced Webcam Recorder 3.0.2 DemoAdvanced Webcam Recorder is a video recording tool able to capture video content, provided that you have a webcam installed on your computer. Thanks to its built-in face detection technology, you can use this application as your personal surveillance tool, and monitor different locations. Once you run the program, you are welcomed to select the webcam and enable the audio device. It sports a clean and straightforward interface that allows users to stop or play the current recording session, take a snapshot, as well as open the saving directory directly from the primary panel. Furthermore, the application provides support for multiple webcams which can be synchronized to record in the same time. You can also enable the program to start the recording process at system boot up, and specify the startup time delay, as well as make the application remain on top of other utilities. Advanced Webcam Recorder features zooming options and allows users to pick the recording position (top left or right corner), choose the font color and size, flip the captured streams vertically, enable captions and timestamps, and select the output folder. Moreover, a continuous recording mode can be activated, and you can specify the time value for the recording sessions. Once you have enabled the face detection option, you can pick the circle thickness, and configure the dedicated parameters for notifications. When a face has been detected, you can make the program play an alert sound, take snapshots and email them automatically to the specified email address. Sending a test email is also possible and you can limit the numbers of emails per day by specifying the number in the dedicated dialog. It also keeps a history and error code list. All things considered, Advanced Webcam Recorder packs many useful features and a clean layout for helping you grab video content. Of course, the quality of the generated videos pretty much depends on the webcam installed on your computer, and it is recommended to use one with a high video resolution.
Advanced Webcam Recorder is a useful application which helps you continously record your home, shop and set up an affordable surveillance system. By saving a series of video files which are sequentially overwritten continuous recording is possible. It incorporates efficient face detection technology to detect a face in front of the webcam and can report it by alerting the user by email with captured images. Also it can automatically start video recording after system boot up.
Here are some key features of “Advanced Webcam Recorder”:
  • Cyclic recording: when disk is nearly full (less than 0.75G), some oldest video files will be deleted automatically.
  • Can automatically start video recording after system boots and you login.
  • Can record video and audio simultaneously.
  • Can minimize itself to the system tray or be hidden completely.
  • USB active extension cable
  • Webcam
  • Can only record for one hour per run
  • Watermarks on the output video
What’s New
  • Bug repair and change software interface.

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