Advanced Serial Port Monitor 4.3.8 build 723 Trial

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Advanced Serial Port Monitor 4.3.8 build 723 Trial

A comprehensive an easy to use tool designed to monitor data received from COM ports that works with any RS232/RS485/RS422 serial interface

Advanced Serial Port Monitor is an application designed for automation specialists that allows them to check the data flow that passes through a COM port. It supports full duplex mode, flexible adjusting of parameters, output received data to file, automatic and manual modes, free data source, serial device simulation, plugins and sniffer mode.  Advanced Serial Port Monitor can operate in manual, automatic and spy modes providing developers with unique opportunity to monitor all data received from a device connected to COM port as well as send data directly to a serial port either manually or automatically on given time intervals. Here are some key features of “Advanced Serial Port Monitor”: Sniffer (Spy) mode: · With this mode you can monitor data exchange between any external devices, connected to serial port and Windows applications; RS232 Terminal Mode: · Our software isn’t just a sniffer. Using the RS232 terminal mode, you can send and receive any data from a serial port to debug and diagnose your external devices; HEX and ASCII: · Displays incoming and outgoing data in HEX, ASCII or binary formats; Flexible configuration: · Our serial port monitor supports the miscellaneous baudrates (up to 921600), user-defined baudrates, number of databits, number of stop bits, different parity types, hardware or software flow control and other. You can change all communication parameters at any time; Sending data: · With Advanced Serial Port Monitor you can send data manually (click over “Send” button) or automatically through defined by you interval (from 10ms to 10000ms); Any data source: · Serial port monitor can send data from text or binary files. Also you may type data string in the program window. You can insert characters with code from 0 to 31 (0 – 2F Hex) from popup menu; Requirements: · One free serial port Limitations: · Monitors 1024 bytes only in the spy mode · 15 days trial · Nag screen What’s New  · We’ve added the Hungarian translation.

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