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Advanced Registry Care Pro (formerly Advanced Registry Care) 2.1 DemoAdvanced Registry Care is an application that allows you to detect and fix any issues which occur with your Windows registry keys, in order to speed up the performance level of your system. The interface of the tool is clean and intuitive. So, you can look into ActiveX, OLE and COM entries, application paths, empty registry keys, file extensions, the help section and invalid file associations. But Advanced Registry Care can also scan the system for invalid shortcuts, most recently used files, shared DLL sections, the sound section, start menu items, startup programs, system services and software settings, uninstall entries and user software options. Once the scanning process is completed, you can check out the type, description and location of each problem. Simply select which keys you want to fix and let Advanced Registry Care take care of the rest. Furthermore, you can backup and restore the registry, as well as optimize its size. The application takes up a moderate amount of system resources, can guide you to a well-written help file with snapshots online, quickly finishes a task and didn’t freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. However, you cannot create an exclusion list or schedule a task. But, even so, Advanced Registry Care comes packed with the necessary and suffice elements for repairing invalid registry entries and we strongly recommend it to all users.
Advanced Registry Care Pro is a professional application that enables you to perform registry optimization in order to improve your system speed. It has a clean interface that’s easy to use and it helps you to scan, clean, repair, compact, backup and restore the registry. It is very simple to use, even a child can handle it by a few clicks, never mind the knowledge of registry.  
Here are some key features of “Advanced Registry Care Pro (formerly Advanced Registry Care)”:
  • Easy-to-use:
  • It has a very nice GUI and with just one click you can fast scan and clean up your registy errors.
  • Registry Cleaner:
  • Every time you use the computer, many redundant and wrong keys may be created in the registry. This feature will boost your system speed and get rid of registry errors.
  • Undo Lists:
  • Each time you use this program to Scan&Clean the Windows registry, an Undo File is automatically created for the changes made. This feature can help you to get the old registry back.
  • Defrag Registry:
  • There are many gas in the registry which are wasting space of your hard disk. This feature can help you to compact the registry by removing those gaps and optimizing the registry group.
  • Backup Registry:
  • This feature will allow you to save a backup of your registry. As we all know, virus and Trojans modify and destroy system registry and make the computer malfunction so that the computer will not perform normally.
  • Even if the virus and Trojans are removed, the registry is still destroyed or modified, so the computer still has problems. The best way to get rid of this risk is to get the registry backup before it has been attacked by virus or Trojans.
  • Restore Registry:
  • This feature can help you to restore a backup you created. If some day your computer has been attacked by virus or Trojans, simply restore the registry by this program and you will get your system back within seconds! It is strong recommend that a PC user should optimize the registry every week, to make your computer run as perfectly as before or much faster than before.
  • 20 MB HDD
  • 128 MB RAM
  • You are unable to repair the detected registry errors.
  • The Registry Defrager feature is disabled.

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