Advanced NMEA Data Logger 3.1.1 Build 219 Trial

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Advanced NMEA Data Logger 3.1.1 Build 219 Trial

This software is an efficient tool for your data logging needs!

You may be an experienced hardware or network engineer, or a college student making his or her first steps towards a professional career, or a gifted hardware fan illuminated by a new bright technical idea and looking for a handy utility for extending your hardware-software application. Advanced NMEA Data Logger is a handy and reliable application designed to collect GPS or NMEA strings from any NMEA compatible instrument in real time, transmit and receive NMEA data over Ethernet. Mold your dataflow the way you want with a built-in parser and send it to any application, DOS- or Windows-based. If you have a few NMEA instruments working at the same time, don’t worry, Advanced NMEA Data Logger can handle many ports at same time and record the data to a HDD or any specified target! This is not just a standalone utility that you can inadvertently close and lose valuable data, Advanced NMEA Data Logger can work as a Windows service, which means that users can log on and off the Windows, but the program will still be there collecting your information, catching every symbol. Good functionality and power at a very affordable price!
Here are some key features of “Advanced NMEA Data Logger”:
  • capability to log multiple ports at the same time. Each port may have fully different settings.
  • supports all talker types (GPS, Heading, Velocity sensors etc)
  • captures all standard NMEA sentences and some proprietary sentences for Garmin, SiRFand StarLink devices
  • supports custom baudrates
  • supports date/time stamping
  • supports aggregation of multiple sentences to one data record
  • outputs received data without any changes to a log file
  • advanced data parsers that allows you to parse, filter and format your source data
  • data export to ready-to-use MS Excel files
  • data export to any ODBC-compatible database (MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access, dBase and others)
  • Advanced NMEA Data Logger can run as DDE or OPC server and can export all received data
  • Advanced NMEA Data Logger can use direct connection (use OLE) to Microsoft Excel and write data directly to rows or columns
  • program messages logging
  • simple, menu-driven step by step set-up – programming is not required to configure the software to collect data
  • many plugin modules that extending program features
  • 21 days trial
  • After the limited period a message will be displayed and program stops its work.
  • All data export modules can handle first 100 records only.
What’s New 
  • We’ve fixed a problem with SOG in the AIS message #9.

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