Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 9.0 Build 2950 Demo

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Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 9.0 Build 2950 Demo

An efficient and user-friendly software utility designed to help you solve the problem of lost MS Office and OpenOffice passwords

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery features advanced mask-based brute force attack that can crack lost passwords to any documents, spreadsheets or databases created in Word, Excel or Access, as well as OpenOffice. The application features an advanced visual mechanism for specifying a mask: you can specify the range of possible values individually for each position in the password that will be generated. The program also has advanced features for a dictionary-based attack. It is a dictionary manager that allows you to search several dictionaries one by one for the password (it transposes and emits characters, adds digits). Accent OFFICE Password Recovery supports different types of passwords: opening password, changes saving password or an access password to databases. All these kinds of passwords can be instantly restored. Using Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, you can even restore the passwords for files written in older versions of Microsoft Office documents almost instantly. For passwords to later versions of Microsoft Office there are three attack types including a brute force attack with a mask, and advanced options while attacking using a dictionary. Here are some key features of “Accent OFFICE Password Recovery”: Brute-force attack: · Such an attack checks all possible variants of a password. You specify the length and character range of the password. It is the most reliable type of attack, but it is also takes the longest time. Mask-based brute-force attack: · Here you have a greater opportunity to apply rules for generating passwords – you can specify a mask for the password. Such an attack reduces the search time, but it implies that you have some information about the password that makes it possible to specify the mask. · We have implemented an advanced mechanism for specifying masks. You can specify the range of possible values for individual characters in the password generated by the program. Dictionary-based attack: · Here a limited number of passwords stored in a text file called a dictionary is checked. There is a password on each line in the file, and the program reads and checks them one by one. This is usually the fastest way to recover a password since it is a word that makes sense and can be entered into the dictionary. · Our software implements advanced features for carrying out dictionary-based attacks. It is a dictionary manager making it possible to search several dictionaries one by one. It is transforms passwords read from the dictionaries and adds numbers to them. This can make it easier to find the password. Requirements: · Pentium based IBM PC compatible computer (or higher); · 16 Mb of free memory; · About 2 Mb free disk space; · A mouse is strongly recommended; · NVIDIA CUDA or ATI Stream/OpenCL capable video card is recommended; · Internet connection. Limitations: · It will show only first 2 symbols from recovered passwords · Attacks cannot be run longer than for 30 minutes What’s New  · Support for OpenOffice 4 · Double the speed with CPU supporting AVX2 · Faster speeds with NVIDIA graphics cards (GF114 or better architecture)

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