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10-Strike Network Monitor 3.12 Trial10-Strike Network Monitor is a software tool which can be used in order to verify the connection status of all devices and servers connected to your LAN or to the Internet. The installation process is a piece of cake, and upon wrapping it up, you come face to face with a clean and well-organized UI. It can be used by anybody, without experiencing any type of issue. In fact, the Help contents provided by the developers are quite comprehensive (user guide, how to start, technical support), so that anybody can learn how to use 10-Strike Network Monitor at its full potential. This program enables you to scan an IP address range, so as to find all the network devices and information pertaining to them, and you can also import computers from the network neighborhood. You should know that the latter, although it can be faster, might not find all the hosts available. It is possible to view a folder structure of all detected hosts, as well as a list which enables you to view information such as check type, state, status, response time, last message and last check time. Aside from that, reports and diagrams can be generated pertaining to a number of details (e.g. response time, failures, monitoring checks etc.) and they can be saved to the hard drive in a CSV format, for further analysis. It is also possible to backup or restore the monitoring settings. In conclusion, 10-Strike Network Monitor is an efficient piece of software, with a good response time, a minimal usage of system resources, an intuitive interface and enough options to keep you busy for a while. It is also a good choice when it comes to network monitoring programs.
Here are some key features of “10-Strike Network Monitor”:
  • Easy to configure:
  • Scan your network and find all those hosts to monitor in seconds.
  • A lot of monitoring checks:
  • Find the comprehensive list of the supported checks below.
  • A lot of notification methods:
  • Find the comprehensive list of the notification methods below.
  • Friendly user interface allows you to configure a lot of monitoring checks and alerts quickly.
  • Executes the following network monitoring checks:
  • TCP port monitoring
  • ICMP ping monitoring
  • DNS monitoring
  • ARP monitoring
  • SNMP monitoring (OID value monitoring, traffic monitoring)
  • Switch port monitoring
  • FTP server monitoring
  • HTTP server monitoring (including web page context monitoring)
  • NetBIOS monitoring
  • MAC address monitoring
  • Service state monitoring
  • Process existence monitoring
  • Folder existence monitoring
  • File existence monitoring
  • File size monitoring
  • Disk space monitoring
  • External application exit code monitoring
  • JavaScript result monitoring
  • Visual Basic script result monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • MS SQL server monitoring
  • MySQL server monitoring
  • Database server (ODBC) monitoring
  • the NetBios, ICMP, TCP, and SNMP protocols should be enabled in your firewall
  • Network
  • 30 days trial
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Added ability to display values of some exact variables from the VAR list in the SNMP trap monitoring.
  • Added displaying the monitoring, Syslog, and SNMP trap activity in the status bar.
  • Changed displaying only failed “red” checks (skipping the failed by dependency checks) in the “Failed checks” list.
  • Fixed the host indexing error.

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