Acorn 5.0.1 Build 10400 – 5.1 Build 10343 Alpha 1 Trial

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Acorn 5.0.1 Build 10400 - 5.1 Build 10343 Alpha 1 Trial Acorn 5.0.1 Build 10400 - 5.1 Build 10343 Alpha 1 Trial

Processing and editing images is a rather common practice, so finding the perfect tool for the job is on the mind of many users.

Acorn is yet another image editor that provides basic capabilities, is able to work with vector tools, includes custom brushes and various filter effects, and makes sure that its interface is as intuitive as possible.

Straightforward design

As many other image processors, Acorn has its tools organized in three main panels: the toolbox that contains most of the editing instruments, the canvas area where you can make the adjustments and preview the results, and the inspector panel where you can customize the behavior of the currently selected tool and view all the image layers.

Easily edit your images

The Acorn toolbox provides a selection of both basic and professional tools that can be used to alter your photos and even create new graphic projects. Acorn includes a wide collection of brushes designs, but also comes with a Brush Designer where you can create your own patterns.

Moreover, Acorn allows you to create all sorts or regular or irregular shapes by using the bezier pen or the line / rectangular / oval / star shape. Since the application is employing vector tools, the results will look perfect regardless of the resolution you are using.

Built-in image filters

For your convenience, Acorn also provides quick access to a fairly large collection of image effects: blur, color adjustment, color effect, distortion effect, gradient, halftone, sharpen, stylize, tile, and more. This way you can achieve amazing effects in virtually no time.

User friendly image editing software

Acorn manages to provide above average capabilities when it comes to processing image files while preserving a simple, streamlined, and fairly intuitive user interface.

Acorn can be used to draw up new graphic projects by using vector tools, to apply various image filters to your photos, or to perform more basic tasks, such as adding text captions or resizing photos. If you are looking for an easy to use image processor, Acorn certainly deserves your attention.


    • 64-bit processor


  • 14 days trial


  • Import and export PSD files
  • Retina-ready canvas
  • Layer manager
  • Quickmask
  • Built-in brush builder
  • Vector based tools
  • Layer masks

BetterTouchTool 1.15 – 1.17 Alpha Free

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BetterTouchTool 1.15 - 1.17 Alpha Free BetterTouchTool 1.15 - 1.17 Alpha Free

The Apple Magic Mouse, the Magic Trackpad, and the Macbook Trackpad allow the user to use various gestures to control their computer. BetterTouchTool is a small but efficient OS X app designed to help you define shortcuts for your gestures.

Moreover, BetterTouchTool can be used to work with regular mice and keyboard shortcuts, and also provides a companion iOS app: you can employ the mobile device to control the computer.

Clean and organized user interface

After you set up all the shortcuts, BetterTouchTool works in the background, without requiring your attention. However, the app does come with a status bar menu that provides quick access to the app’s Settings panel and allows you to disable the BetterTouchTool functions for all apps, or only for the currently selected utility.

Define your own shortcuts in no time

The BetterTouchTool Settings panel comes with a simple and an advanced view mode, and allows you to adjust the gestures sensitivity level for each peripheral device. If you choose to enables the Window Snapping feature, each time you drag a window to the screen’s edge, it will be automatically resized.

In addition, via the Gestures panel, you get to define shortcuts by using Magic Mouse, trackpads, keyboards, or normal mice actions. Note that BetterTouchTool is also able to work with an Apple remote, with a Leap Motion device, or with other gadgets.

Noteworthy is that the new shortcuts can be global (available system wide), or can be specific to a certain application. The latter very useful because BetterTouchTool comes with a finite number of triggers, so you can use the same combinations for different results.

Powerful yet user friendly application designed to improve your workflow

BetterTouchTool proposes an intuitive manner in which you can define various shortcuts that can trigger certain action in a more intuitive and time efficient method. The new hotkeys or gesture combinations can be made available system wide, or you can limit them to a specific application.

All in all, if you are looking for a way to employ you time and energy in a more productive fashion, BetterTouchTool certainly deserves your attention.


    • 64-bit processor

Norton AntiVirus Definitions 20150902 Free

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Norton AntiVirus Definitions 20150902 Free Norton AntiVirus Definitions 20150902 Free

Keeping up with the latest definitions for your antivirus application is essential in ensuring that your Mac is fully guarded against the latest online threats.

Since it would be bothersome to update your antivirus software’s database frequently, some security developers use external virus definition updaters.

Install the newest Norton AntiVirus definitions

Norton AntiVirus Definitions is a free installer package that updates the definitions database for your Norton or Symantec AntiVirus software to the latest version.

Due to its nature, the Norton AntiVirus Definitions installer requires an already installed Norton AntiVirus on your Mac.

Furthermore, new versions of Norton AntiVirus Definitions are released randomly; sometimes, a new package is released daily for 7 consecutive days and, other times, a new releases might appear 7 days after the latest one. Therefore, the release dates are based on the threats that have been discovered in a timeframe.

Safeguard your Mac against the latest threats

The definitions contain updated software solutions designed to protect your computer against the late-breaking worms, viruses, spyware, trojans and other malicious software that circulates on the web. Symantec works around the clock to deliver the anti-malware tools to combat newest online threats.

Another thing to note is that Norton AntiVirus Definitions provides 2 types of installers – one for Intel Macs running Norton AntiVirus 11.x and Symantec AntiVirus 10.2, as well as an installer for PPC Macs running Norton AntiVirus 11.x, Norton AntiVirus 10.x and Symantec AntiVirus 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2.

A simple to follow definitions installer

To sum up, Norton AntiVirus Definitions is an easy-to-use OS X package that works out of the box and provides the most recent definition updates for your Norton / Symantec antivirus software. The installer is free and deploying it on your Mac requires following just a few simple steps.


    • Norton / Symantec Anti-Virus

A Better Finder Rename 9.52 – 10.00 Beta 1 Demo

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A Better Finder Rename 9.52 - 10.00 Beta 1 Demo A Better Finder Rename 9.52 - 10.00 Beta 1 Demo

Renaming a large number of files can prove to be time consuming without the proper tools: A Better Finder Rename is a Mac app that comes with batch processing capabilities and offers you the possibility to apply various renaming templates.

Since A Better Finder Rename comes with a real time Preview functions, you will be able to visualize the final results before actually performing the renaming: this way you can easily avoid any issues.

Streamlined and intuitive user interface

The A Better Finder Rename main window is organized in two main areas: on the left you get to define the renaming pattern, while on the right you can view the list of files that will be renamed and the output results.

For your convenience, A Better Finder Rename comes with a Multi-Step drawer that enables you to apply more than one rule to the same files, at the same time. Furthermore, the app offers you the possibility to generate Droplets: these are very useful for automating certain tasks.

Contains a wide collection of renaming tools

A Better Finder Rename comes with a large number of renaming actions that are organized by category for easy access: text, characters, character position & ranges, conversions, truncations date & time, path components, and many others.

Of course, each function comes with its own personalization options and you must make the necessary adjustments to create renaming patterns that match your own needs. Last but not least, you can decide if A Better Finder Rename should handle both files and folders, and even apply the renaming template to subfolders.

Versatile and powerful batch renaming utility for your Mac

Since Apple’s Finder app does not include even basic batch file renaming tools, having an efficient utility to automate these tasks is extremely useful. A Better Finder Rename includes a large number of renaming actions that can be customized to create new patterns, allows you apply multiple rules at the same time, and even enables you to create personalized droplets.


  • This demo version will allow you to rename only 10 files at a time.


  • Add, remove, insert and replace characters and text.
  • Add, format, change and insert numbers, create numbered lists, etc.
  • Add file date and time, rename to date, etc.
  • Convert name conversions to Windows, DOS, Mac OS 9, etc.
  • Case conversions.

FMOD Studio 1.06.09 Free

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FMOD Studio 1.06.09 Free FMOD Studio 1.06.09 Free

FMOD Studio is a comprehensive game audio design application that enables you to create dynamic and realistic mixes and events, which can be easily integrated in your projects.

Helps you generate immersive sounds and audio content for games

FMOD Studio comes with fully-featured multi-track music and event editing interface that is heavily inspired by Digital Audio Workstations.

Thanks to the user-oriented interface and the well-organized layout you can quickly and effortlessly prepare multi-track sound effects and output high-quality sounds capable to enhance the gaming experiences of the players.

FMOD Studio comes with a long list set of tools that you can take advantage of in order to design and create original audio content without any programming knowledge.

On top of that, the live in-game support enables you to take control over the sound mix in real time, and generate flexible music systems with stunning audio effects.

Adjust the sound properties on the fly and obtain the wanted result

What is more, FMOD Studio features support for most popular audio files, such as MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, AIF as well as lossless audio formats like FLAC and RAW. Once a file is imported, FMOD Studio automatically analyses it and offers you numerous customization options.

Consequently, you can fine-tune the volume and pitch level, adjust the style of the distance attenuation curve, modify the event properties, apply various effects, activate voice stealing and more.

Improve your game with responsive and interactive audio events

FMOD Studio comes as a solution for professional sound designers, as well as novice users that need a smooth-running and intuitive application to modify and adjust the properties of one or more audio signals in order to create interactive audio content for in-game events.

With the help of the in-app mixer, you can easily change the arrangement of the signal chain in live mode. While connected to a game, the integrated profiler makes it easy for you to asses the performance of the entire sound system.

Wunderlist 3.3.1 Free

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Wunderlist 3.3.1 Free Wunderlist 3.3.1 Free

Wunderlist is a well-designed and versatile Mac OS X application that helps you capture your ideas, manage your daily tasks and setup reminders.

Enables you to manage projects and plan events with the help of multiple collaborators

Wunderlist aims to provide a simple and intuitive task management app capable to help you plan  vacations, manage projects and even share various lists with a loved one.

Hence, you can use Wunderlist to share your lists and collaborate with multiple users in order to achieve your goal or complete a demanding task.

On top of that, Wunderlist provides desktop and mobile applications for iOS, Android and Kindle devices, as well as browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In addition, Wunderlist automatically synchronizes your lists between your smartphone, tablet and computer at all times.

Create, share and delegate tasks from within a single app

From Wunderlist’s main window you have instant access to all your lists and, as a result, you can view your tasks for today or the current week along with your completed tasks. You can also create your own custom lists and set deadlines for any added task.

Moreover, Wunderlist allows you to setup reminders and add sub-tasks for any given entry, write notes and add comments that can be viewed by all users that have access to your list. In other words, you can easily share lists and collaborate with your friends, family and colleagues in order to complete tasks faster.

Easily setup reminders and due dates for your tasks

Thanks to the context menu you can mark the currently selected task as completed, set, change or remove the due date, copy the Wunderlist link, start a new to do list using the entry and even print or email the task. You also have the option to move it to another list or simply delete it with a click of a mouse button.

In conclusion, Wunderlist is a smooth-running, intuitive and reliable task manager that makes it easy to create and mange task lists that you can synchronize across devices and share with your friends, family or co-workers.


    • Wunderlist account
    • At least 5 MB disk space
    • 64-bit processor


  • Synchronization features
  • Intuitive hot keys
  • Customizable user interface