Aurora 3D Presentation 2012 14.08.27 Trial

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Aurora 3D Presentation 2012 14.08.27 TrialAurora 3D Presentation is a comprehensive and reliable program that helps you to create impressive and professional presentations in various formats. You can easily generate presentations from personal images, videos and models.

In case you want to create a simple presentation in a quick way, you can easily change one from the multiple templates and styles that the application comes with. 

The main window is intuitive and does not require you to perform any advanced configurations. Simply add the objects you want and personalize them as you want. The ‘Common’ tab provides you with several text and share editing options so you can easily format the text and add new objects such as images, videos, tables and 3D models, to name a few.

LinuxLive USB Creator 2.8.30 – 2.9 RC 1 Freeware

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LinuxLive USB Creator 2.8.30 - 2.9 RC 1 FreewareLinuxLive USB Creator helps you rapidly and effortlessly build bootable Live Linux USB systems for a plethora of Linux distributions available on the market. Just to name a few of them, you can utilize Ubuntu (as well as Kubuntu and Xubuntu), Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE or Damn Small Linux as the source for you bootable flash drive.

The application features one main interface window that smartly encases all the important menus and options of the program. The well-organized GUI is broken down to five steps including USB drive selection and source selection, persistence, options and the creation button. First things first, you must make sure that you supply LinuxLive USB Creator with the necessary amount of space required by the Linux distribution.

You can choose to load up the source from an ISO or IMG image file as well as from a ZIP archive alongside a physical CD. Moreover, LinuxLive USB Creator comes packing a very helpful option to quickly and easily download the Linux distribution of your choice. All you have to do is select the one you want and choose to manually or automatically download it. The automated process firstly tests the connection speeds with the available servers in order to provide the shortest possible download time.

32bit Convert It 14.09.01 Trial

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32bit Convert It 14.09.01 Trial32bit Convert It is a very easy to use unit converter that runs on very low resources and provides only a few configuration options to be aimed at both beginners and those more experienced.

It’s almost impossible to get lost in the program’s GUI because it adopts a tabbed layout, which means that you can easily click on any of the supported units of measurement to perform a conversion.

There are dedicated tabs for each of them, so you can convert length, area, volume, weight, density, speed and temperature, with three main options at your disposal: see the results as float only, scientific notation or whichever is shorter.

DVD-Cloner 11.60 Build 1310 Trial

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DVD-Cloner 11.60 Build 1310 TrialDVD Cloner has gained prestige in the DVD software category with its versatile engine that allows you to copy, decrypt and burn DVD data. This application is renowned for its ability to remove copy protections and to deliver high quality at very good speed. 

DVD Cloner bundles a rich set of features, the most important of which materialize in the possibility to copy DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9, to combine multiple movies to BD-R/RE, to copy chapters individually and to remove advertising from the source files. Users can also split a DVD-9 to two DVD-5 discs.

BDtoAVCHD 2.1.6 Freeware

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BDtoAVCHD 2.1.6 FreewareBDtoAVCHD is an easy to use video converter that aims to help you convert Blu Ray discs and MKV files in order to store them on smaller discs. The program can be used for changing the video and audio encoder in order to reduce the size of the file.

If you want to backup your Blu Ray discs on your computer or burn the movie to a DVD, you need to compress the video file in order to save disc space. Although this usually means a lower quality, it is a necessary operation in order to fit a Blu Ray movie on a simple DVD. 

This application is designed to detect the video file properties, audio tracks and subtitles in order to use them in the output file. You can select which track you want to convert and the target file before starting the conversion.

Pad2Pad 1.9.98 Build 4333 Freeware

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Pad2Pad 1.9.98 Build 4333 FreewarePad2Pad is a straightforward application meant to help you design simple and complex printed circuit boards which can then be created and delivered to you.

The application is very easy to install and use. It displays a comprehensive interface that is clean and neatly organized. You have all the commonly used tools and instruments available in side panels which you can detach and place anywhere you want on the screen. It’s a feature that you find on similar applications as well but it’s good to have it here as well because it contributes to a good workflow.