Emoticons (for Skype) Build Free

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Emoticons (for Skype) Build FreeEmoticons (for Skype) is an easy to use software and it brings a large collection of new Skype emotion icons, that you can send to your friends in an online conversation. You need to simply drag and drop them onto your Skype window and they automatically become animated.

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 7.0.505.0 Trial

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NETGATE Registry Cleaner 7.0.505.0 TrialNETGATE Registry Cleaner is an application designed to help you fix any invalid entries from the Windows Registry, in order to improve the performance level of your computer. The interface of the tool is clean and professional-looking. So, the app can look into many areas of the Windows Registry, such as unused file extensions, ActiveX and COM issues, missing or invalid type libraries, and spyware entries. On top of that, the tool may be set to clean up the disk (e.g. invalid start menu items, Internet Explorer cache, Windows temporary files, Recycle Bin) and to remove traces from your system (e.g. recent documents list, start menu Run list, MS Office recent files, Internet Explorer cookies and typed URLs).

IPTimelapse 2.5.9032 Trial

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IPTimelapse 2.5.9032 TrialIPTimelapse is an appealing and fairly simple to understand software solution that was developed to help you create time lapse videos from IP camera snapshots, which can optionally be upload to your FTP server or displayed on your website.

Define the image capturing conditions for your IP camera

While the application requires little initial configuration, if you want to obtain the time lapse videos you are after, you might want to make a stop in the ‘Setup’ section of the program and adjust its various running preferences. Aside from being able to define the capture interval, in seconds, you can also upload the files to a FTP server, or save them to a local folder. You can schedule IPTimelapse to start and stop capturing images at specific times, in particular days of the week.

WebSite Auditor 3.15.8 Demo

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WebSite Auditor 3.15.8 DemoWebSite Auditor is a software application that allows SEO experts, but also normal users to optimize their websites. By using this tool, you will be able to reach, that top ranking that you have been craving for, in Google, but in other search engines as well. WebSite Auditor is the only SEO software that permits the user to optimize their websites on two levels: on-page (the actual content) and on-site (the domain).

Windows Password Recovery Lastic 1.2 Build Demo

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Windows Password Recovery Lastic 1.2 Build DemoWindows Password Recovery Lastic is a comprehensive and reliable software solution worth having when you need to remove local account passwords and restore their hashes within seconds. Once you run the program, you can easily choose to create a bootable USB flash drive or a bootable CD / DVD disc. After selecting the storage device you are interested in, you are required to restart your computer then quickly restore hashes or simply remove passwords for an unlimited amount of user accounts. Since the application writes an image of the Linux-like operating system (which is pre-configured), you can either remove a specific user password completely, or save the password hashes to an external file and recover them using third-party programs. As the second option might take a while, we recommend you to remove a password instead. The action is performed instantly, taking into consideration that it does not require you other utilities in order to restore or remove the password.

Tinuous Free

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Tinuous FreeTenuous is a lightweight application designed to help users convert images to various file formats and perform several photo editing operations. The tool sports a clean and simple layout that offers quick access to the files and folders stored in the computer, so you can quickly select the ones to be processed. Tenuous gives users the possibility to select the saving directory and output format, namely BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or GIF file format. What’s more, you can choose the compression level, shrink images while maintain their ratio aspect, rotate the photos to different angles, save the current settings, rename files, as well as enable the edge sharpening option.