NumXL 1.63.41841.1 Trial

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NumXL 1.63.41841.1 Trial

A reliable, practical and useful Excel add-in that provides you with all the tools you need to analyze time series data in Excel

NumXL is a simple and effective Excel add-in worth having when you need to generate correlograms, calculate various ARMA coefficients etc.

Disc Cover Studio Demo

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Disc Cover Studio DemoDisc Cover Studio is a user-friendly application aimed at providing you with the proper tools to create your own album cover, in just a few moves.

This utility allows you to design CD or DVD labels, so you can locate your favorite movie faster in your collection. You can even generate front and back covers for disc cases. 

If you find yourself lacking inspiration, you can work with any of the numerous templates offered by the application and customize their appearance by moving the images, adjusting the colors, as well as adding your own text to the disc.

Any Audio Grabber Freeware

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Any Audio Grabber FreewareAny Audio Grabber is a software utility, built as a wizard, which helps users extract the audio content from any CD or DVD, so as to save it on the HDD. 

After a typical installation, you are met with a simple, yet modern-looking interface. All you have to do in order to start saving songs, is select the disc you are interested in and let the program do the rest. Usually, in a few seconds the program displays the contents of the CD or DVD. 

You can play the songs directly from here, as you have access to playback controls (play, pause, stop, next and previous). These items are going to be displayed with track number and name, yet you can add separators, artist and album. 

n-Track Studio 7.1.2 Build 3265 Trial

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n-Track Studio 7.1.2 Build 3265 TrialAudio recording, editing and mixing are tasks not too easy to carry out, especially without a proper software solution at hand for processing the input. Among the applications designed for these types of operations, n-Track Studio tries to combine function variety with ease of use to offer a really enjoyable experience to its users.

CallClerk 5.5.1 Trial

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CallClerk 5.5.1 TrialCallClerk is an application created to be your digital answering machine and log calls that are reported by your PC’s modem or by network computers.

It offers you a wide range of features and settings for ringing, emails, call blocking, reverse lookup, Outlook, calling, faxing, recording and also comes with an announcer that uses your speakers to let you know who’s calling.

CallClerk displays a comprehensive, tabbed interface that makes all its functions easily accessible. The settings you make can be applied to callers that are familiar, unfamiliar or blocked and this way, you toggle one option that is applied to all the callers that fall into one of those categories.

Password Safe Portable 3.34 Freeware

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Password Safe Portable 3.34 FreewarePassword Safe Portable is a program that allows you to store private passwords in a secured environment.

Since this is a portable product, installation is not required. You can simply place Password Safe Portable on an external device and run its executable file on any computer.

So, you can get started by creating a new database, giving it a name and assigning it a password.

You can add a new entry by specifying a group, title, username, password, URL, email and notes.

But you can also enable Password Safe Portable to keep password history, set the expiration date, select a policy for generating a random password (e.g. user lowercase letters and symbols), and more.