JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler 2.1.2 Freeware

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JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler 2.1.2 FreewareAs its name suggests, JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler aims to provide you with a simple method of decompiling Flash SWF files. It can process SWF and GFX videos, allowing the browsing, editing and exporting of the ActionScript code.

Flash developers can take advantage of the features that this application has to offer in order to view the code behind a SWF file and modify it as they consider fit. ActionScript 1, 2 and 3 are supported and the application features functions for exporting all types of resources (scripts, shapes, movies, sounds and images, texts, sprites, buttons, fonts and frames).

TaskCracker for Outlook 1.2.42 Trial

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TaskCracker for Outlook 1.2.42 TrialKeeping all the activities of the day or of the week neatly organized should make for a less cluttered agenda and it should result in increased efficiency when dealing with the tasks.

TaskCracker for Outlook is an addon for Microsoft’s Outlook email client that relies on a few time management methods to help users with a busy schedule get things done by prioritizing the activities according to the importance and urgency.

Repair Internet Explorer 2.8.3 Freeware

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Repair Internet Explorer 2.8.3 FreewareOf all the software that is installed on your computer, your browser is probably the most used and prone to crash or experience various bugs. Internet Explorer doesn’t get a pass from any of that and for this reason Repair Internet Explorer was created.

It’s a tool that doesn’t really need any explanation as to what it does because its name makes that quite obvious.

TemplateToaster Demo

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TemplateToaster DemoTemplateToaster is a powerful application especially created to help you design themes for WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla, as well as for HTML5 and CSS3 based websites.

Comprehensive work environment

Taking into consideration its capabilities, TemplateToaster might seem like a complicated tool to work with but it’s actually the opposite. At a first glance, you’re sure to recognize the ribbon style toolbars which are borrowed from the Microsoft Officegraphic user interface. 

Hotel Management System Full Board 5.26 Build Trial

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Hotel Management System Full Board 5.26 Build TrialHotel Management System Full Board is a software tool developed specifically to help hotel owners, managers and employees organize their day-to-day activities regarding reservations, services and rooms. 

Resembling Microsoft Office‘s design, this utility is accessible to any type of user, regardless of their prior experience. 

First and foremost, it is possible to create multiple types of rooms, by providing information such as type, code, number of adults, infants and children it can fit, bed type and bedroom number. You can also specify if the room is for non-smokers and add other details you deem necessary in the description box.

AWS SDK for Java 1.8.6 Freeware

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AWS SDK for Java 1.8.6 Freeware

Easily and quickly create Java software on top of Application Programming Interfaces especially tailored for Amazon Web Services

Application developers, especially those involved in putting together apps that are supposed to integrate with various web services, will surely need the most appropriate tools for the job. For Java programmers who have to create Amazon Web Services compatible software, there is a certain toolkit that can be used and it goes by the name of AWS SDK for Java. Fully equipped for seamless integration with AWS services and aiming to make the process of coding the apps less tedious, this package is well suited for building programs for Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon EC2 platforms, through the use of the Application Programming Interfaces (API) it bundles.